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Tune Ups

At The Bike Shop, we feel that proper maintenance is essential to making your bike a joy to ride. We offer a full range of service on any bike. No repair is too small or too big for us to handle. Contact us for your next repair job.

Parts are not included (unless stated). Additonal Labor rates may apply.

The best parts, the best tools, the best staff...

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Cat 5 Tune Up

*$35.00 for single-speed kids bike
Complete Check Over- 24 HOUR Guaranteed Turnaround Time!

True Wheels

Check Air Pressure in tires

Adjust Brakes

Adjust Derailleurs

Check Hub Bearings (Tighten if necessary)

Check Bottom Bracket (Tighten if necessary)

Check HeadSet (Tighten if necessary)

Tighten pedals

Tighten Crank

Lubricate Chain

Cat 4 Tune Up

Guaranteed 24-48 Hour Turnaround!

Degrease drivetrain includes chain, cassette, and crank.

True and tension wheels in truing stand with tires removed.

Air up tires

Tighten pedals

Tighten Crank

Adjust Brakes and resurface brake pads

Adjust Derailleurs

Adjust Hub Bearings

Adjust Bottom Bracket

Adjust HeadSet

Lube chain and drive train

Hit pivot points (brakes, exposed areas of cables, derailleur springs, jockey wheels, etc....) with spray lube.

Cat 3 Tune Up

Includes all the services of our Cat 4 Tune Up


Cat 2 Tune Up

Includes all the services of our Cat 3 Tune Up

-Tear down bike completely full bike wash and wax
-Service bearings
-rotate tire if necessary

Cat 1 Tune Up

Includes all services of our Cat 2 Tune Up


-All service charges are FREE for additional visits throughout the year.
-(door-to-door service if needed)

PRO Level Service Package

Includes all of the services in out Cat 1 Tune-up

Door to Door Service
Retul Fit

PRO+ Level Service Package

This is our ultimate package! We include everything in our Pro package


Shimano Di2 service

In need of maintenance on your Di2 equipped bike? We can tackle it for you. If you need a diagnostic check, a battery charge, or software update, let us take care of it for you!
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